Founded: 2001
Revenue: Between 10 and 50 million euro
Employees: Between 10 and 49 employees
Address: İstasyon Mh. Yeni Sanayi St. Arkası Demiryolu Lojmanları Yanı EDIRNE / TURKEY
International cooperation: yes
Trade Intermediary services (agent, representative, distributor): Offering
Franchise: Looking for
Transport / Logistics: Offering
Joint venture: Looking for
Merger, Exchange of Shares:
Sale / Acquisition of a complete company or a part of it:
Reciprocal Production: Looking for, Offering
Outsourcing: Offering
Target countries: Bulgaria, Romania
Full description: Established in 2001, in the name of Trakya Yapi Market is active on iron and steel and building materials business. The company has been carrying on its business with the name of Trakya Boru as from 2004 and the company achieved %500 growth in the last 10 years. Recently according to the growth of the business the company began to enlarge the product range and give the best service with the name of Trakya Yapı Market. The main products of our company are steel materials, aerated concrete wall blocks, chemical products of constructions material, stell and shit stells, bricks and so all off about building materials. The company produces those materials and the company franchised of the best construction companies in Turkey so they have wide range of product. The company does business especially with Bulgarian companies and would like to extend their market. The company exports its products mainly to Balkan countries. Trakya Yapı Market exports aerated concrete wall blocks.
Competitive advantages: Our company is one of the professional companies on their own sector. Facilities occupy 5100 square meters of land area of which 1600 square meters is closed area and 3500 square meters is storage area. So we are able to give the best service to our partners. Our partners are to be find any kind of products about construction sector in Trakya Yapı Market.
Activities: , ,
Number of employees: By 9, Between 10 and 49, Between 50 and 249, 250 and more
International experience: No matter
Additional requirements: Long term partnership is required from new partners. The company wants to meet the producers of construction materials and relative products.